I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you did to make our event so successful. You are great to work with. The set up and the food was perfect and everything went so smoothly. It is so nice to work with someone so down to earth and experienced. I never had to worry about a thing. Thank you for everything!!

– Malia Marion –

Thank you for your key role(s) in a successful BFA breakfast at The View on 10/15. The facility speaks for itself but your food & service speak volumes of good things about you and The View.

– Fred Stephens –

Please excuse my delay in getting this to you but thanks so much for a GREAT member-guest experience!  You and your whole staff certainly exceeded my expectations!

From the golf course conditions to the magnificent new 2nd floor dining facility, it was a great venue.  Add to that the attentive staff and fantastic food (especially Friday night), and I can only say- “congratulations and well done!”

Thinking back on the more than a dozen member-guest tournaments I have been a part of, including 10 or more at the Surf Club in NMB, our Brick Landing event ranks with the best!  I have told the GM at Tiffany Greens, my club here in Kansas City, that he has to do much better with the member-guest event to compete with Brick Landing.  It’s hard to believe I can be saying that after such a short period of time for the new ownership and accompanying improvements at Brick Landing, but it is true.

Since I don’t see the Brick Landing course as often as my neighbor members do, I have the advantage of getting the impact of the dramatic changes that have occurred there.  While I know that all members appreciate what has/is being done, I see the dramatic changes each time I return.  It is nothing short of remarkable!

My compliments to you, your staff, the owners and all involved who made this outing so enjoyable and successful.  I am already looking forward to next year’s event!

– Walt Maharay –