Good Afternoon,

There is nothing better than a man in a uniform and we were priviledged to have 2 sailors and 4 marines in dress uniforms as Alex took Sierra to be his wife in our first wedding of the season. All week they had called for rain on Saturday but it never was a sunny 70 ish degree day..almost perfect. Even though they had a mid afternoon wedding we are happy to say the golfers kept the balls on their side of the rope and never interferred with the ceremony. We will take a week off from weddings and pick it back up on March 29th. They are breaking us in slowly as these two are relatively small until mid April when we start with the big ones.

We would like to thank the Browns who were our hostess and host for twilight this past Friday.

We had a good turnout for dinner on Thursday and I hope this will help spread the word that we are opened every Thursday as well as Wednesday.

We had a busy Sunday brunch with many guests without reservations. The reservations are very important especially with warmer weather coming soon and the dreaded tourist. We love our tourist just not the traffic. I made an observation to a table who insisted that they sit in the dining after we had cleared and set up a table in the grill room for them no reservation of course that it was the same intercoastal in both rooms. His reply was then it shouldn’t matter then to sit him where he wanted to sit. So of course we went and cleared off another table and put them where they wanted to go in the dining room looking at the water…the same water. Another request is a table with a good we have a bad view? Or a window seat and it is dark out!!

It is time to go home with my afghan and a book and promptly fall asleep.
We will see you when we see you. Have a safe week. Happy St. Patricks Day for those who celebrate. Don’t drink the green beer.