Good Evening,

Yes it is me trying to stay up to date for a change. I believe you can’t make the front of the house staff happy no matter what. All season long we prayed for no rain and the dear Lord wasn’t listening and we did plan B all season long we were getting pretty good at it if I do say so my self. All week this week we were praying for rain and he listened…The wedding was outside today and not just the ceremony, but the food..the dancing..the bar..everything. We looked at the radar all day not sure if the tables should get dressed with tableclothes and dishes or not. The bride signed a waiver that she wanted it outside and outside we did. Tina and Jim got married at 5:30 pm and no rain..we did the cocktail hour on the verenda and no rain..we put the food outside not under a tent and no rain..We had the toast and blessing..light sprinkles..the sunset sky was beautiful and we had a lovely rainbow..and we thought once again the Lord hadn’t listened to us but then they declared the buffet opened and the sky opened and it rained. The guests got their plates of food and sat under the great big sky with raindrops falling..They ate quickly and then the bravehearted moved under the dancing tent and some decided they had enough and left. My staff being the troopers they were bussed the tables, broke down the buffet in the pouring rain and we all look like drowned rats but they did it without a complaint.

Tina and James were following in our latest traditions of multi- nation merging. Tina’s family came from China although Tina has been living in New York for a while. James is a resident as in doctor also living in New York. The Chinese side of the readings were very traditional about being obedient to your husband etc. The groom being Jewish did the breaking of the glass at the end of the ceremony. The mother gave the toast in English and the father translated into Chinese for those who needed to understand. As we are waiting for the party to wind down we are setting up for another busy brunch.

Congrats to our guys who beat Rivers Edge in interclub this Tuesday especially after they were so tired from the Member Guests weekend.

Twilight is once again starting up so make sure you sign up on the board at the other end of The Brick.

The party should be wrapping up soon and so shall I. Summer is over as of Monday and it is truly hard to believeĀ that it is over already. I will see you when I see you this fall.