Good Morning,

It has been a couple of weeks since I checked in and I finally have a moment to update you on what has been happening here at The View.

We have continued on our multi-culture weddings first Colombian then Romanian and two weeks ago we had a Philippine-American wedding. We also continued our Plan B mode with this ceremony. Victoria and Emmett were to be married on Ocean Isle Beach in a ceremony rich in traditions and then proceed to The View for their reception. Well the skies looked threatening all day so they decided to scrap the beach and just come here. Thank God they had a wedding planner because she had to notify 225 people of the change in the wedding site and get them here. She did two hours early which made us scramble to get set up done and move around 200 who were just hanging out waiting for the ceremony to start. Well it never rained and they got married out on the bridge with the guests on the veranda watching the traditional ceremony. They exchanged 13 coins which symbolized the man promise to take care of his wife materially and it is her job to save and invest wisely. Then they were covered in a veil and a figure eight cord over them to symbolize unity and infinity—forever married. Then they partied..just like every other nationality.

This past weekend we had member guest weekend at Brick Landing and they can tell me all they want that it revolves around playing golf and it is all about eating and a few holes of golf. I swear we saw the guests for more hours then the golf course saw them. Saturday was sooo hot and Sunday seemed cooler because I wasn’t outside and don’t know if it was any better. The hit off the cookout was once again the ice cream bar after a hot day on the course. Thanks to all the staff who worked this weekend and a special thanks to those who did so much behind the scenes for weeks to make it a success and a pleasant weekend for all.

We then got prepared to witness the union of Casey and Trenton. They were determined to get married outside even though the sky was as the started the wedding.. light rain fell the humidity was at least 150% and the gnats came to witness their exchanging of vows. The bride looked gorgeous and nothing ruined her day. It was then time to come into the air conditioning and party.

We are still serving dinner on Wednesday and Thursday and reservations are highly recommended. Everyone seems to want dinner at 6 o’clock and it gets very busy then..if we say 6 o’clock is booked and you make your reservation for 6:30 please don’t get upset if you show up at 6 and don’t get prompt service as you were warned. Speaking of reservations they are a must for Sunday brunch. The popular time then is 10:30 – 11:00 if you have no reservation it is a good chance you may have to wait for a table or eat on the veranda which may not be a bad thing since it is cooler this time of year..and a gorgeous view.

Have a pleasant week and travel safe. We will see you when we see you.


Photo by Kesara