Good morning,

I thought it was time to catch up with the happenings of The View. Just because you haven’t heard from me doesn’t mean we haven’t been working.

The sunshine is a wonderful thing this week..sorry for all of you outside of beautiful southeastern NC who are having yucky weather. I was being to feel like a duck and definitely wasn’t always a nice duck. We have had enough practice with Plan B weddings as we celebrated 100 years of marriage and four hours of a newly wed. We had a wedding last Saturday and of course it rained.. we had the ceremony inside although I was beginning to believe it wasn’t going to happen. The groom didn’t come and didn’t come and I thought we were going to have a runaway groom. He showed up 5 minutes before the ceremony was to start. Who would of thought one could get stuck in traffic on a Saturday afternoon in Ocean Isle Beach!! Courtney Philips married Scott Miliken in an outdoorsy theme of a wedding. It definitely proved to me that it takes all kinds of brides who want to enjoy the venue and we can take on any look required.

Then I got a call from the Mcquirt’s family who were to hold the celebration of their parents John and Pam at a poolside celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary.They forgot to put in for a sunny request. They moved the party inside and had a great time and unlike most of our parties stayed and cleaned up. Happy Anniversary!

Then we helped Phil and Iris Kennedy celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary last Friday night. My dad use to say to stay married that long someone had to learn the words YES DEAR at a very early stage in the marriage. I thought it was the role of the man to say those words ..must be why I didn’t stay married that long. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy.

Our family has changed a little since I last wrote to you. We lost Yudi whom many of you may never had seen..he was our dishwasher and sometime prep person who cut those peppers into tiny little squares for our omelette station. Good Luck Yudi. We also lost Tammy one of our servers whom we will miss dearly. She made guests feel like they were dining with a friend and not just eating. We have added Judith whom you will be seeing around. We ask for your patience as once again you are being asked are you a member? what is your name?and what do you drink? and an error liked a skipped discount on your check. It will come to her quickly I am sure at least hopeful.

We thank you for the support of our dining facility as more and more faces are new and it is always good to see the old familar faces too. It does our heart good for people to come in and say they overheard people talking about us and always positive. Word of mouth is the best advertisement and a little cheaper than ads nobody reads.

Have a safe carefully..enjoy your families coming to stay cheaply with grandma and grandpa and of course I will see you when I see you.


Photo by Barzan