Hello from Brick Landing,

I am late again but I have a good excuse..we are helping Ms. Cheney celebrate her birthday with a group of her friends. Then we are going to have a wedding celebration whom as of now are out on the beach hoping for a beautiful sunset wedding. Rain is a good luck omen for a wedding day.

We had the members from Holden Beach Beautification Club here on Wednesday to wrap up their year. The week also had card players or a mexican train {Mah Jong } every day this week except Tuesday and some day two separate groups at the same time.

On Friday we had a rehearsal dinner for the Regner family who were getting married at the Isles only because they saw them and booked from Arizona before they saw us. They were a lot of fun and we had Syracuse orange on everything. We then rested on Saturday for our busy Sunday. The question of the week is what are we doing for Fathers Day..as of now we are having our normal brunch if that changes I will let you know.

We are hosting a Chamber of Commerce function on Thursday night so if it looks busy at dinner time they are all upstairs. Dinner will run as usual.

The wedding party is finishing dessert so I will wrap this up. Sorry about any grammatical errors or run on sentences or anything else wrong in this email. It is how I write now and believe it or not I was an A student in Honors English and if Pembroke Taylor my {English teacher} is still alive he is probably cringing.

Have a good week and we will see you when we see you. It is a pleasant time of year to eat on the veranda.