Good Evening,

I know I am late getting this out but Happy Mothers Day to all to whom it applies.We had a lovely turnout for our Mothers Day brunch and maybe a tenth of our guests were members and or Bricklanding people and everyone else came from all over Brunswick County. We surprised every one by having the buffet upstairs. Many had never seen it before and were impressed with the room and the view. We definitely have a great reputation out there and it wouldn’t be possible without the great chef and all our staff. Thanks.

We would like to thank the Dalzells for hosting the twilight this week. They chose an Asian theme for dinner and we even tried to make it harder for them to eat we gave them chopsticks. It is amazing how many people ate with them and didn’t even drop rice on the floor. If that was me I would have gone home hungry. The weather was perfect and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

I am not sure what this week brings guests wise but I know next Sunday we are having a small wedding downstairs and a birthday celebration upstairs after brunch. Speaking of brunch we highly recommend reservations. A lot of menus went home with people who promised to come back again.

The sun is starting to set which means I can justify getting ready to go to sleep. There is something wrong going to bed before it is dark.

Have a safe week if you are traveling. We will see you when we see you.