Good Morning,

Oh what a pretty day to sit on the verenda and watch the boats running from down south back home for the summer. Okay that is the fantasy…but it is a lovely day to sit and eat brunch on the veranda.

We have finished hosting the Spruill/Taylor event for the weekend. Started with a bridal brunch on Friday afternoon for 30 girlfriends and relatives of Katie. Then Mr. and Mrs. Spruill hosted the rehearsal dinner Friday night. Then it was the brides turn. They ordered pretty weather and got it..the Taylors gave their daughter Katie to Ben in a ceremony out on the lawn followed by the reception upstairs. Never once did they have the same food with rave reviews about the food and venue. This ends our wedding streak of weddings in a row at 5. Looks like it will be later in the year when we break that streak.

We will take a break from weddings this week to help celebate the most important holiday of the year no not Cinco De Mayo but Mothers Day. We are still taking seatings for 10 and 2 unfortunately 12 noon is booked.

Don’t let a busy parking lot scare you away on Friday as we are having a lot of card players in that morning to play and have lunch. We will still have plenty of room.
For those traveling this week travel carefully. For those not traveling we hope to see you either playing golf, eating lunch or joining us for dinner on either Wednesday or Thursday evening. Reservations are helpful on our dinner meals to insure good service if I don’t have reservations I call servers off and then you walk in and you have a delay getting prompt service.

Have a good week and we will see you when we see you.