Good Afternoon

Brunch is over as well as the week. We have become popular at lunch time with card players and mah jong players so don’t be scared away when you come see us and the parking lot is full..we can almost always squeeze in one more.

We would like to thank the McGills for hosting a rather wet twilight. The food was good even if you couldn’t play golf .

Well our streak has been broken..the one about rainout on a wedding..we really wanted to experiment to see if we could handle plan B..The grooms father said it wasn’t a rainout because it wasn’t raining at the time of the wedding. Just because we had puddles on the lawn that you couldn’t walk through wade through perhaps but not walk. We had the pleasure of helping another military man marry the love of his life. Patrick Bowes is in the Coast Guard but we didn’t see the the last wedding..Patrick took Elise to be his wife in the dining room set up just like it was outdoors and then proceeded upstairs to have their reception. Did they dance ..the dance floor was busy all night with music playing from all generations and if you didn’t dance you sang along with the tunes. I believe we have found our dj for New Years Eve. I told him to keep the date open.

We are going to have a busy lunch around 1 pm on Wednesday so plan around that. Don’t forget our new dining days..Wednesday and Thursday.
We are booked solid for the 12 noon seating on Easter..I can’t even fit one more table in so if you don’t want to miss out you better call with your reservation for either 10 am or 2 pm.
May the sun shine on us this week..the wind go away..and it only rain when we are sleeping. Let us have spring and not jump right into summer, but I don’t think many will complain about a few warmer days.
I will see you when I see you..