It seems like a long time since I have done this and I know when people say they haven’t had one for a while did they get dropped from the list..then it is time.

My grandma always told me not to wish my life away..I think she was wrong because I am wishing the next few weeks go quickly because I didn’t move down here to be cold. From what I have heard the wives keep asking if the guys are sure they don’t want to go out and golf in the cold and rain…you can tell them you are going and come up to the clubhouse and chat and drink that one beer you always have.

Twilight has restarted for the next season and we’d like to thank the Hortons for hosting the first one. Except for coming in cold and the wind blowing on the last couple holes everyone seemed to have a good time. Not to be disappointed we all got our annual Valentine candy from Ken and Connie. Thank You.

On Friday we will have our four course dinner to celebrate Valentines Day. As of now the reservations are full but we will call and confirm and maybe a few openings will be available. Seeing how most of the time I am ahead of the game…the chef may need to tweak the menu a little nothing major.. since I put it out too quickly. I am sure any changes will only enhance the menu not detract from it.

We are finalizing Easter Menu and when that is completely finished I will send it out. Thank heavens Easter is late or we might have to hide eggs in the snow.

The middle of March we will have our first wedding and from then forward the season picks up. So the free entertainment from the music will begin the end of March and every Saturday in April. I will give heads up if any dinner times change and I promise not to have them playing too late unless they are a great band.

Travel carefully and stay inside if we have the bad weather they are calling for on Tuesday. I will see you when I see you. I promise by Sunday at 6 pm every week to drop a line. have a good week.