Good Afternoon,

Okay I decided to update our little world down here at The View. I got so many people asking if I had taken them off the list since they hadn’t received any thing lately.
The header is for all of us who slept through the first snow fall in Brunswick County. The weather once again postponed the Interclub Championship. Third time is the charm they are working on rescheduling.

I guess it has been awhile since I wrote…We had a really nice pig picking on our second birthday party..the weather was great and a lot of residents came out to join us.
On November 4th the ladies of The Brick won the rescheduled Hope for Harbor tournament. A lot of money was made for the good cause and the ladies have the trophy and bragging rights for a year. Congrats ladies.

We then had the last twilight of 2013 hosted by Sharon and Mike Deutsch. We will see you all next year when it gets lighter longer.

We then had the 238th birthday party for the Marine Corp. They still look good in their uniform. I always was awed that they could still fit in their uniform, but I never could. The secret is they buy bigger uniforms. I’d like to thank all who have served in our military. They have good stories which need to be shared.

On Sunday we ended our week with the marriage of Kristine and Joe from New York. Her daddy is a special friend of Bricklanding..his name is Elmo. He comes down from Kentucky a couple times of year and does many much needed projects. Thanks for another good wedding.

Now we come to the near future.. As we stand now we are full for the 2 and 4 o’clock seating on Thanksgiving. We have a few openings for 12 noon. I am drawing up the floor plan and hope it stays like it is drawn. The much dreaded question will come up can I add one more person to my table. One more person for a table is not an issue adding 1 more to table of 4 is major.

Once the food settles and you get back from black Friday come see us on Saturday night for the flotilla. Food starts at 5 pm…call for a reservation. No tables reserved so come early and mark your territory.. definitely a family style party.

So as I end my chapter I wish you all a Happy Holiday as many of you head to cold country to be with family. We will see you when we see you.