Good Morning from rainy Brick Landing..I guess it is a good thing that some golfers never had the sense to come in out of the rain. A group of 36 just went out to test the elements.
Not much has happened this week as we prepare for Thanksgiving..the clubhouse downstairs has been repainted even my office which is starting to look like an office and not a store room is a soothing grey and new carpet will be here any day.

We are booked for Thursday with over 250 persons coming to join us. We are starting our first seating at 12 but we all know that when the smells of turkey cooking is when the day really starts. I’d like to thank the kitchen crew who make the day starts way before Thursday with the ordering and the prepping and the logistics of all the serving bowls and tables and will it all fit and will people be happy. There is no doubt that no one leaves a buffet that Scott makes unhappy or needing to stop at McDonalds to fill up.

We then start preparing for the flotilla which will came down the intercoastal way on Friday at about 5:30pm. We ask that the people who are not joining us inside for our second annual party not park in the lot to save room for the rest of the people coming in. Before you ask the food will be downstairs but yes you can go upstairs to view the boats. Can’t think of a better view.

Then no rest for the weary as the next week will begin the decorating of The Brick for Christmas. This year we will be going with the all fresh look of real trees, wreathes and roping. The house should smell delightful for the next month. Then we start the Christmas luncheons and parties. The month will end with a New Years Eve party not yet planned but we will be working on it shortly. When we have the plans I will let you know.

As we come up on the holidays we wish you safe travels and pleasant times with your families and friends.
We will see you when we see you.