Good Morning,

I hope you have all enjoyed the Christmas holidays with your friends and families this past week. Mine was delightful laid on the couch and napped and read a book..oh what a perfect day. We are starting to wrap up the year 2013..the paperwork..the notes of things that worked and didn’t work..the inventory..ideas of what we could do for next year. Two major things yet for this year..the new years eve party..and finding a way to get that gorgeous tree out the door without leaving too big of a trail of needles and where to put it. One project is easy the party…The food is rolling out at 7:30 and should include a carving station..chilled seafood display..salad station..pasta station..barbecue station and of course dessert. There is no need to feel like you have to be here right at 7:30 because the chef will not run out of food if you time it right you won’t have to wait in a line too long. The food will stay up until 9:30 at which time we will switch over to late night snacking food…chefs surprise. For all those who don’t plan on staying til midnight we will have our toast around ninish. The tree will be another story. I think we should leave it up until all the needles fall and then cut the branches off or keep it watered until next Christmas.

Due to the party Tuesday night we will open for lunch Wednesday at the usual time of 11 am but will end the day at 3 pm. Dinner will resume on Friday and then back on schedule. We are thinking about a special function once a month nothing definite like a murder mystery night, a comedian night, a game night like you use to do…or any other suggestions people may give us.

Everyone knows I have what some of you call senior moments but I don’t belong to AARP yet not that I’m not old enough..I call them my OOPS moments. I had omitted several jobs and people from last weeks newsletter. Joey is in charge of the whole end after you go past the lobby which besides the pro shop is the cleaning people and he makes sure everything is lit and clean and in working condition. His cleaning staff is Dan and Gail whom most of you don’t see because they are here before the sun comes up. I also forgot to mention Christi who is probably the second most important at The Brick besides Larry and Karen and that is because she does payroll. She also spends time fixing all my mistakes for which I thank her for her patience.

As I sign off for the year..I hope the new year finds us all in good health or at least managing the health we have. Stay safe..enjoy your travels..we will see the snowbirds later in the year when you fly back to us. I will see you when I see you.

Sue Williams