Good Evening from Brick Landing,

We are on the almost wrapping up of our Sunday. We set a record regular Sunday Brunch with 225 people. Followed by the wedding of Susan Wilson and Scott Lesiak who had an absolutely beautiful day for a wedding. Older couple and they liked country music. Great combination..They even had a John Deree tractor near by to get the perfect wedding picture.

We had twilight golf this week hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Jones. They hosted a great round of golf even insuring a rainbow came at the end of the rain shower they had while they were eating. What a connection! Thanks.

This week we also had a Chamber of Commerce meet and greet and exposed people who didn’t know we existed. They do now. Hope to have them back as customers real soon.

I would say not much happened this week but we were busy every day. The veranda was the hopping place because it was sooo nice outside. Come join us for lunch or dinner on the deck this week if it stays nice. To ensure good service make sure you call us with a reservation for dinner. Speaking of reservations brunch today was almost all reservations as 190 had called ahead. We will try to oblige seating requests but there is no guarantee.

Next Saturday night we are hosting the Novant Flip Flop Gala, which is one of their fundraisers for the year. We are expecting around 225+ for the evening. If we do good who knows what it could lead to….more business.

Welcome to all the new people who have become part of our ever growing email list. I have my own style of writing …not perfect but I try to get across what is happening in our little corner of the world.

The night is over, the deejay is loading his car and I am ready to call it a day. Have a great week, watch all the tourist in town, and I will see you when I see you. I am only 5 hours and 5 minutes late getting this to you.

Thanks to all the service people both past and present.


Photo by Falling Heavens