Good Morning,

I thought it was time to let you know what happened last week at The Brick. Besides our usual card players and busy lunches we had a busy week.

On Friday we hosted the installation of the Rotary Clubs new officers with a cocktail hour followed by dinner. That was upstairs while downstairs we had the final twilight for the summer. Mr. and Mrs. Mularczyk were the host and hostess. Their menu helped people get introduced to shrimp tossed in thai chili sauce which we have on our menu and seems to be the new popular sauce.

On Saturday we had the pleasure of witnessing the union between Dennis Chiocco and Marianne Shore. Although we had our second plan B wedding it went off without a hitch. We moved the outside wedding ..arbor and all upstairs and with the doors opened they still had the pretty view. Not as nice as if it were outside. If rain on your wedding day is considered good luck they will have an over abundance of luck. They had a 3 piece musical group which played a lot of fun songs they could dance to and you could understand the words. They danced and laughed all night long. Great party!

On Sunday after brunch we had the reception for Mr. and Mrs. Crankshaw’s little girl Staci who had become Mrs. Doff at a wedding on the beach. They partied until the early hour of Monday and when they left the party was not over by any stretch of the imagination just being relocated. Oh! to be young again..but not that young.

Hopefully Arthur will leave town like an uninvited guest and the 4th will go on as scheduled. Be safe and we will see you when we see you.


Photo by laszio photos