Good Afternoon,

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving spending quality time with your friends and family. I hope no one was left up north in the bad weather instead of making it down south to the cold weather. We had a full house for three seatings and I don’t believe anyone went home hungry. We let your food settle and then had 150 persons here for the flotilla. The food was plentiful the room overfilled and the dessert table was a dieters worst nightmare. The boats came 45 minutes late and not very long but it was a good excuse to party one more time.

So now comes the Christmas luncheons and parties. The week is pretty full especially at lunch…so your patience will be required or just pick a time to eat that is not noon.

The next social event we are planning is New Years Eve…Of course it is on Dec 31st and the starting time is any time after 7:30 you don’t have to be here at 7:30 it is the time we have designated as when we have to be ready for food, drinks and music. We will have a band so make sure you rest up and have your dancing shoes on. The band 2 True will start playing at 8 pm until 2014. The food will be an extraorindary holiday display..To include a carving station..a seafood display {those who have had the pleasure of expeiencing this will tell you it is not to be missed}..and an array of seasonal food and desserts to please all palates. Complimentary champagne toast to ring in the new year. Atmosphere, a gorgeous facility, great food and bar and dancing how can you go wrong. The price is $90.00 a couple or $45.00 per person contact your friends and your neighbors and call for a reservation. 910-754-5540. Hope to ring in the new year with you.

The house will be taking on the Christmas sights and smells for the season this week. We have two huge trees to put up and a lot of garland and wreathes if you would like to volunteer to help contact Mrs. Barrett or Mrs. Horton for times and days. It will be all fresh and live decorations. The candles are in all the windows in the back of the house and it looks beautiful from the golf course. Never knew just how many windows we had until we had to set the timers for them all to light at the same time. Mission accomplished.

We will see you when we see you. Travel safe.