Good Afternoon,

I bet you thought I forgot but I didn’t Happy Fathers Day consider it a day late or 364 days early for next year. I hope you all had a peaceful.. and day full of doing what you wanted to do not what we women wanted you to do. I heard comments from some of the brunch guests about us not liking men as well because their buffet wasn’t as big as the one for Mothers Day. The real reason is because how many of you can and will cook for mom on her special day. While mom can and will cook for you on your day! Okay now that I have started a scrimmage between the sexes I will leave this alone. Besides I would rather have a steak or ribs on the grill if I was a dad after I came back from playing golf or fishing. If you want the buffet bigger next year let me know.

We had a busy week of luncheons especially on Wednesday. Some we knew about some were a surprise to us but all were happy with the end results. I hope with the great view and the girl talk time goes much quicker and doesn’t seem too long.

We had a small wedding on Saturday as Rebecca Carter married Sean Tratner on the veranda. The weather was great and grandpa whom is ill had a great day and spoke at the wedding. It made everyone happy that he was able to attend and talk. Sometimes it is the little things that make the day perfect.

We have a busy week ahead ending with a wedding on Saturday and a 50th wedding anniversary on Sunday.

Soon to follow will be the plans for July 4.

Let me get this sent out. Have a great week and be careful if you are travelling. We will see you when we see you.