Best wishes for a wonderful Easter filled with sweet treats and the joy of spring.

Happy Easter a day early or right on time if you went to bed when normal people do.
We are happy to say that we sold out for Easter Buffet and could have had another 300 we turned away. Sorry for all those who didn’t make it this holiday but we are planning Mothers Day soon. We have already started taking reservations and will have the same hours 10am, 12 pm and 2 pm. I dared not ask the chef what the menu is until we finished Easter.

The building is rocking this evening with the wedding of Kim Seelos and Shed as he is known to his friends Hewlett. She vowed her mother would not let it rain on her ceremony. She came through and we had the ceremony outside a little cold but no rain until the ceremony was over and all the guests were back in the house. Poor Josh and Greg had to take the chairs down in the rain.

We had a Power Squadron dinner on Thursday as well as our regular dining. We are getting more and more strangers coming to eat lunch and dinner. Not a bad thing. We have a big luncheon on Wednesday so be prepared for that. A wedding next weekend. I guess I will start praying for good weather on Monday.

Welcome home to everyone who took the long trip and hopefully jet lag is over.
Enjoy your holiday with friends and family who came down to the hot, sunny beach. Positive thinking it will become that way soon and then we will be complaining it is too hot.

Happy Easter