Good Afternoon,

Well let me start off by saying we survived the Saint Valentine Massacre of 2014.
First off I would like to thank the 116 people who joined us for Valentines Day. Next I would like to apologize to the several tables who had less than a great time. I have contacted all those I had heard about and if you have any comments either bad or good please bring it to my attention so that we may rectify any and all problems. There is much to say about old school like I am often accused of being but when the computers hiccup and refuses to send orders to the kitchen paper orders work. The week started on a sour note when God let us know he still has power over us with yucky weather and the food trucks couldn’t make it in. The salesman from our food services went to Wilmington to pick up our order and bring it down because the truck was so far behind in delivering. Scott and his crew worked none stop for several hours to get caught up with prep to make it happen. The rooms looked festive and even the grill room was decked out as a formal dining room. Several people were not happy they had to eat in there but it is much quieter than the dining room. Matter of fact many tables for dinner ask to be in there because it is less noisy. I guess I lied in the beginning of this note..that is a problem which Scott and I have NO control over..we know it exists and the solutions are not suggestion is to put up we really want to block the view? Whenever you put 75 people in a room it tends to get noisy and you talk louder and the next table talks louder and you have a chain reaction. We definitely took too many reservations as not to disappoint anyone, but from this point on do not procrastinate in making reservations because I will be the bad guy and say no. No more dwelling on the past.

I can tell you there will be no celebration of St Patricks Day on March 17th. That is not to say we will not have the food you are use to eating for the day. Friday March 14, 2014 may be the day we celebrate. If I can find an Irish music CD we will have it playing and you can do the jig or sing along with it or whatever it is you Irish do… that coming from a 100% German person. Do you want me to dye beer and white wines green? that can be arranged.

This week besides the mens meeting upstairs on Thursday and a Mexican Train { Mah Jong} downstairs we have a normal week. May the weather be beachy like and no rain, sleet or snow fall on our heads this week. Although if we get all our share of wet weather now when spring is here and the golf course is in top condition and the brides are walking down the aisle we won’t have to move any inside due to bad weather. At least that is my hope and prayer.

Have a good week and stay safe. I will see you when I see you.