We have just finished the second busiest Sunday brunch in our current history. If it is a hint of how summer is going to go walkins beware there won’t be a seat for you without calling ahead. I keep hearing why can’t we use upstairs for brunch….how do you propose we do that …the seating upstairs is for big tables we had 14 tables of either 2 or 4 people between 11 and 12 o’clock. We love challenges and this is just one more we will hurdle over when it happens. Make sure you have all voted for us in the Brunswick Beacon for best of everything.

We also welcomed our member golfers back this week because it was warmer and no rain. I have a request to make our life a little easier when you all hit the grill room at the same time. If you take a seat instead of standing at the bar trying to give us an order things go much smoother. Especially when we have new servers and when they turn around to get you your food she has no idea who or where you have gone. I have no problem getting you drinks while you are waiting but please be patient as the servers will get to you. That is why some of you hear “Do I look like your waitress?” If the servers are swamped I will help them only if you all obey the rules. I guess I will help you anyways but I may give you a hard time like that is anything new.

For a heads up Tuesday lunch is going to be a busy lunch from 12 til 1. Come visit us before 12 or after 1 and you will have a pleasant time, Also the time slot from 6 until 6:45 pm on Wednesday is also closed as we are having 20 people coming in together at that time. Eagerly awaiting your presence before or after that time.

Also another heads up Scott and I are discussing changing are days open from Friday til Thursday. We are booking a few rehearsal dinners on Fridays which makes it hard to notify people who eat with us on that day. Twilight is still okay. Some Fridays may be used for special buffets that Scott is thinking about. I will keep you posted.

Next weekend I will have the Easter Menu,
Have a good week and I will see you when I see you.

P.S. I beat my 6 o’clock deadline but not by much