Wishing for somewhere warm?

Happy New Year to all those whom I haven’t yet seen this year. The last of the Christmas is down and temporarily stored away. The guys took the tree out and it didn’t even cause that big of a mess..those who know me will know that I almost never will utter the words ” I need a man” but we needed 3 to take the prettiest tree Brick Landing has had to date to it’s final resting place.

We’d like to welcome Morgan Godley to Bricklanding Plantation as she entered her parents life at a very early hour Saturday morning. We wish Michele and Joey the best of luck and little catnaps of 15 minutes are truly refreshing.

Before the last clean up from midnight on Dec. 31 we were asked about a Super Bowl Party, Valentines Day and twilight. There is no rest for the wicked. The Super Bowl Party will be on Feb. 2, 2014 with doors opening at 5:30 and kick off at 6:30. Yes there will be tvs how many I am not sure but possibly 5 upstairs, and of course 2 downstairs. We are having it upstairs but that doesn’t mean some can’t come down to watch in a little quieter venue. The price is $20.00 per person and that includes food, tax, and gratuity, but not your drinks or your tip on drinks. The food is wings, a taco/fish/nacho bar,chili,chicken, veggie tray, cold cut tray with subs and wraps, strombolis and calzones. The drink specials will include $1.50 drafts, $3.00 wine, $4.00 well drinks.

Now for the romantic night of the year..Valentines Day. We will start taking reservations for dinner at 5 pm. It will be a pre fixed menu with 4 courses. First course will be a pick one from mixed green salad ,caesar salad or chopped salad. Second course will be an appetizer course with another pick one from Crab cake, seafood cocktail, baked manicotti, beef kabobs or risotto milanese. Third course will also be a choose one as it is your entree course ..Filet and Lobster, Sea Bass, Prime Rib, Chicken dish, lamb or a pasta dish. Last but not least is the dessert course..pick one from red velvet, flourless chocolate torte or creme carmel. The cost is $45.00 per person not included is tax or gratuity. Call 910-754-5540 for reservations.

Do you want to know about Easter? The Buffet will have 3 seatings 10-12-and 2. I have a few of the menu items but I think I will tease you and wait until next time I write to let you know all the details.

I will be out of the office for a week as it is time to refresh body and spirit so I’ll be ready for wedding season. I am leaving a capable staff with Tina my assistant to take over the day to day questions. If your questions can’t wait both her and Scott have my number and I hope they will hesitate to call. Have a pleasant week and I will see you when I see you. Keep healthy, happy and warm.