Good Morning,

We are wrapping up another week of luncheons and parties. In the process we have had an opportunity to meet many new people who have never been here before or even heard of us. I am not sure how that could be that they haven’t heard about us because everyone is talking. Sunday brunch had maybe 12 members and a few regulars and a whole lot of new faces.

As we wrap up the year I would like to thank the behind the scene people that you never see..First of all ..Scott who without him we definitely wouldn’t be where we are today..I have been in the business a long time and have worked with too many chefs and wanna be chefs..who think the world revolves around them and most have an attitude..He has yet to yell at me for which I am grateful..I know when he rolls his eyes he would like to but keeps his temper. I can sometimes make his job a little trying, but I feel I am just giving him a challenge..some day he will have senior moments.

Then we have Melissa, Sean and Kesira who are the backup crew. It isn’t always a glamorous job to stand and cut peppers or onions or peel potatoes or peel fruit or all the other tasks they have which we take for granted but it gets done. Usually with interruptions from the rest of us asking dumb questions. I have seen a growth in Sean and Kesira this year as they have learned much from their fearless leader. What can we say about Melissa..we always know when she is in the house..the parties always show her abilities as she puts up our food displays and keeps them well stocked. Definitely makes our wedding displays a showpiece.

Then we have Yudi and Greg the two most under appreciated people in all the kitchen..the dishwashers. Never a pleasant job, but they do it well.
Without these six people you would be eating .. probably some where else.
As long as we are thanking of course the biggest Thank You goes to Larry and Karen Doyle who are by far the best thing that ever happened to Bricklanding.
We wouldn’t be Bricklanding country club without the golf course. We wouldn’t see the golfers down at our end to kid them about selling their balls back to them because they have lost so many. And for that we thank Joey. He may be sitting in a chair but he is out there promoting the course and taking care of membership. Then his staff of Trey, Tom, Rob and Miquel keeps the pro shop running. Thanks.

Have a safe, happy, joyous Holiday. Enjoy your family as we will. The restaurant will be closed Dec. 24 and 25th. We will then come back to plan our New Years Eve party which is already booked solid.

I will see you when I see you.

Merry Christmas