Good Evening,

We have wrapped up the week and survived. We had the wedding on Sunday and the picture on this newsletter is the couple whose wedding it was. Mr and Mrs. Nick Laird were the lucky couple.

We moved on to our wedding on Monday and had to execute plan B. The groom made the call to move the wedding inside and even though the bride wanted to wait we cleared the dining room of all the furniture and set 171 chairs into the room. No sooner than the chairs were set the heavens opened and it rained..thank heavens we hadn’t set the chairs outside. With the doors opened it still had the inter coastal view in their pictures. We now know how big a group Plan B will hold. We have had 3 rainy weddings this year which is 2 more than we had last year. Let us hope it has it out of its system and we only have sunshine from now on. Mike and Amanda Znak definitely had a group of kids who loved to dance and they kept the rest of the party up on their feet dancing.

After dinner on Wednesday and Thursday we had a rehearsal dinner for the Brookshire wedding party. They had 145 family members and friends celebrating the night before the big day. They got married on Ocean Isle Beach on Saturday and had a gorgeous day.

On the seventh day we rested..not really we had brunch. We got a call from the leader of the chicken egg laying union and they are protesting laying eggs for minimum pay so due to their demands we are forced to raise the price of our Sunday brunch. Okay we didn’t get a call ..but after much deliberation and looking at price increases for our product we have no choice. We don’t want to lower our standard or decrease the food we on Sunday August 4th the price will be raised 10% to $14.25 a person. We hope that all of you will continue to come see as usual and understand the need. We thank you for your support.

A reminder that on Monday and Tuesday we will be closed on the restaurant side only for duct work. The golf course will be opened and eager to see you come play a round or two. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you and hope to see you another day. We will be opened Wednesday following our normal hours…lunch and dinner.

So wraps the week. Travel safe enjoy your visiting families and we will see you when we see you.