Good Afternoon from The Brick,

Lots of info to pass on today. First off the clock is to remind you to set you clocks forward Saturday night because I don’t think many will be up at 2 am to do so and we don’t want you late for church,BRUNCH or golf. My dad use to turn it forward at 7 pm and make us go to bed an hour early not funny then but I could go for it now and probably will.

As I said last week that Scott and I were considering changing dinner.. well we have decided…and as of this Thursday March 6th we will open for dinner at 5 pm. There will be no dinner except for a private party on Friday. When we determine what Friday each month that we don’t have a rehearsal dinner or another function happening you will be informed what buffet special we will be running. Scott has talked about all you can eat crab legs and prime rib..just a maybe. We will put it out to all of you with plenty of notice.
Easter Menu: served at 10 am, noon or 2 pm.

Chilled Seafood Display you all know how good that is. Broccoli Salad, House Salad and Fresh Fruit. Crisp Bacon, Maple Sausage, Sweet Potato Home Fries, Pastries, Shrimp and Grits and Eggs Benedict. Lamb Stew, Chicken Marsala, Zuppa Di Pesce. Cauliflower Au Gratin, Scalloped Potatoes. The carving station will be NY Strip Loin and Ham. And last but not least you can hop over to the dessert table and see what the Easter Bunny leaves there. Of course as how things go the menu may be subject to change. Scott may have something else he wants to make. The cost will be $30.00 per person plus tax and gratuity. Half price for big kids. Kids 5 and under $5.00.

This week was a very busy lunchtime and we set a new record for Friday lunch. We celebrated birthdays for four spring chicks who were all 90 years of age. They drank a little of the bubbly ate a good meal and then had cake. All were happy maybe the bubbly helped with that or maybe it was lunch with their friends and the beautiful view. We are seeing a lot of new faces which is always a good thing. The bad thing is we don’t have enough window seats. Soon it will be warm enough to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Now for a new segment I am is called tracking. This week a dozen eggs cost $1.54 a dozen when you buy 30 dozen and a gallon of milk cost $5.50. This is our price from restaurant suppliers. We will keep up with the prices so when we tell you that all that food for $10.00 all inclusive won’t work you will know why.

It is with deep regret we will be saying goodbye to my assistant Tina. She had a job offer to good to pass up. And no I don’t think she went looking because I was hard to work with. Best of luck Tina!

Have a great week and I hope this will be our last cold weather coming Tuesday. I will see you when I see you.