Good Morning,

First two things ..the headline translated doesn’t really say Hoppy Easter. I just liked the picture and went with it and secondly it isn’t morning but I just woke up.

We had a fabulous week starting with Sea Trails Dine Around Club having there meal with us on Monday night. 136 people strong and I heard from more than one if there club will ever be like this. That would be NO for two reasons the don’t have the breathtaking view nor do they have Scott and his staff. The meal was prepared perfectly and served properly by the staff. Amen! When we have to show are talents we do.

We then had 144 from the Novant Medical Center on Thursday for their annual volunteer Thank You luncheon. It was a beautiful day and the lunch went off without a hitch. At the same time the golf end had about 70 golfers out playing we had a full parking lot and that was a beautiful sight and everyone remembered to park like when you parked on the grassy lots at the State Fairs one right next to the other one.

We then had the McAvoys hosting twilight on Friday night it was another pretty day for which the golfers I am sure are grateful, No more playing in the cold and rain. Thank You.

That brings us to Saturday when Mr. and Mrs. Hancox gave their daughter Jessica to Bradley Reynolds in a simply gorgeous wedding. The sky was blue the grass was green and you couldn’t ask for a prettier day.

We wrapped up the week with another strong brunch of 189 people several who opted to sit on the veranda..what a beautiful sight. Spring is finally here and what a gorgeous time of year..I am sure those of you suffering with your allergies don’t agree but this to will pass and then we will be complaining about the heat. Just can’t make us happy.

Then Sue rested.

We will start next week better known as tomorrow hosting the interclub and I believe they should let us win because we were kind enough to invite them to play with us. Good Luck guys. A big wedding on Saturday and a sold out crowd for Easter Brunch..more on that next week. Have a safe trip if you are traveling and we will see you when we see you. OH and thank you golfers for putting up with the wedding personal as they don’t know golf course etiquette it is all about the perfect bridal picture.

Have a good week.