Good Evening,

It is time to update before the week gets away and I have too much to remember.
We had a wedding last Sunday after a busy brunch and didn’t have to use Plan B as it was a small wedding and they got married on the veranda. Marina married Sheridan..they meet in Connecticut taking dance lessons and boy did they pass class as they glided around the dance floor all night. Marina’s family came from Romania for the wedding and even though mom and some family members didn’t understand our language love is universal. We saw different cultures..They don’t leave the wedding cake out throughout the wedding..that is a special presentation after dinner and it is carried in and they make a slice but do not feed each other. Another strange thing they did is teenage brother and sister danced together and not just fast dances ballroom also. I can hear my kids saying I am not doing that she has cooties. Macarana is also a universal song and dance heard it in Romanian and they did it a little different but no doubt what the song and dance were.

On Monday we had a wedding which also had a unique story. A lady came in several weeks ago saying she wanted to get married on Monday to her ex- husband. Of course I had to ask if she remembered why she had divorced him. A long time ago she married him right out of high school and had 3 kids in 5 years. Not wanting to be a stay at home mom..trouble broke the marriage apart. They stayed friends and grew up. Well next year on August 18, 2015 they will celebrate both their first and fiftieth wedding anniversary. We put in an order for a lightning show and boy was it rain just lightning for almost a half hour ..although Shallotte had a couple of inches at the same time. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Creighton.

Then it was Saturday and it was a mans dream of shopping. One of my staff was late because he was dreaming out in the parking lot. Yes it was corvette day at The View. We had the corvette club come celebrate for the third year in a row. The party came to an abrupt halt when a clap of thunder got them up and running to put the tops up on their cars. My main question is how do the people who have corvettes who are mostly older [because they are the only ones who can afford them] get in and out of the car as they are so close to the ground. This was the first party I helped run three years ago. Time flies..and lots of growth and progress and confidence. I wasn’t sure I would be able to do the job well. Now I can handle ALMOST anything thrown at me and no this is not a challenge.

On a closing note I would like to offer our sympathies to Josh..our busier, bartender and maintance worker on the death of his father.
As summer comes to an end and everyone returns to their normal in North Carolina travel safe. We will see you when we see you.


Photo by Jenny Downing