Good Evening,

I am a little late getting this out this evening but better late than not at all. We have finished what was suppose to be a slow week but turned out a little busier than we thought. Mother Nature probably helped by shutting off the rain faucet and letting the sun shine. It is amazing how much perkier people are when the sun is shining. No weddings this week but we are preparing one for next weekend.

Before Saturdays wedding we will be hosting a Dine Around group on Monday evening. The original reservation was between 80-100 people but it is coming in at 136 people. As long as things go as planned our reputation should spread even farther into Brunswick County with new people having their first dining experience with us. I am always being accused of jinxing us so here is hoping they are wrong and everything goes like clockwork.
We then have 145 volunteer workers from Novant Medical Center to have lunch with us on Thursday. Yes the parking lot will be jammed pack with our members going out to play at the same time. It may be time for valet service!

Then we have a 96 person wedding on Saturday and since we have already had our plan B drill with the last wedding I will settle for the partly cloudy or partly sunny day they are calling for. I am going with partly sunny as I am trying to be an optimist this week.
We also had 64 people for a brunch on Saturday that were members of the newcomers club. Some didn’t look new as I recognized a few of them, but another group of people who will definitely come back for brunch or dinner. Oh the power of word of mouth and a great Chef to back it up. Thanks Scott for what you do and with extreme patience with me. I can be trying sometimes as senior moments creep in, but I look at is trying to keep you on your toes. You are doing well staying on your toes that is.

May the Bricklanding travelers have a safe trip as they start another excursion.
Remember to buy and read Elsa Bonsteins book.

Twilight is Friday may the sun shine on you.

Remember we are still collecting food in the pro shop for the hungry kids in our neighborhoods.

I am tired thinking about the coming week and it is dark outside so that means I can go to bed. Have a good week and I will see you when I see you. One more thing Easter is booked. We will start a waiting list tomorrow.