I’m back with a tan[ gotten at the sun tan parlor] and a few books read and refreshed and ready to go. I haven’t much to say but I didn’t want you to think I had two weeks off. We have had an exceptionally busy week for lunches and all at the same time and at some point we had more card players then diners. The only people we were missing this week were the golfers. A few golfed on Saturday and the only thing I can say about them is “are you nuts?”

We have just finished up with brunch and except for five couples from Brick Landing we had 180 from outside in the community. Word of mouth is working great. Now I have a favor to ask all who get my emails to either go on line to the Brunswick Beacon or fill in the the form from the newspaper and vote for The View in all catagories you can get us in. No we aren’t the best chiropactors or the best child care providers, but we are the best breakfast, lunches, dinners, and anything else you can find for us. We may be small but we can be mighty if everyone votes.

This week we will have our super bowl party on Sunday. We are opening doors at 5:30 Kickoff is at 6:30..Drink specials $1.50 draft beer, $3.00 wine and $4.00 well drinks. The food will be Wings, Taco/Fish/Nacho Bar.with Chili and Chicken..Veggie Tray..Cold Cut Tray to include Subs and Wraps..Stombolis and Calzones. $20.00 all inclusive which means tax and grat is included. Call to let us know you are coming.910-754-5540.

Then in two weeks we will have our Valentine Dinner. We are taking reservations starting at 5 pm until ? The meal is a four course dinner..1st course is your choice of mixed green salad, copped salad or caesar salad. Second course is your choice of crab cakes, seafood cocktail, baked manicotti, beef kabobs or risotto milanese. Third cours is your choice of Filet and Lobster, Sea Bass, Prime Rib, Chicken Dish, Lamb or Pasta. When I find out what the chicken and pasta dishes are I will email them to you. Then the most important course..dessert .. red velvet, flourless chocolate torte or creme carmel. The price is $45.00 per person plus tax and gratuity. Call for your reservations..If dining room gets booked I promise the tables in the grill room will be just as nice and maybe a little quieter better known as ambience or romantic. Call for your reservation.

Have a warm week just remember there are places colder than this and most of them are where we all came from. They will still be shoveling snow and we will be basking in the sun. Oh we can only hope. See you when I see you.