Good Morning,

So summer ends not really because it is still hot and fall does not begin until Sept 22 but we can pretend. Welcome home to all who have come home from their summer vacations. We have missed some of your smiling faces and want you to check out the new and improved event room better known as the upstairs. The room definitely got bigger as the walls went up and the windows changed to let you see the glorious view. Enjoy it.

The first function will be the members guests weekend. Dinner will be served upstairs on Friday the 13th of September. Then the first wedding will be Sept 28, 2013. Because of the dinner on Friday we will be closed to the public for dinner that night.

Speaking of being closed this Thursday Sept 5th we will be resting from our Caribbean Holiday and not serving that night only. Lunch will be opened as usual. We wish to thank Tim, our musician, for the summer of nice relaxing music as we welcomed new guests and tourists and members to our veranda to enjoy great food, a wonderful view and an occasional summer storm. When the plans are finalized for our next step on Thursday I will let you know.

Yesterday we set a new record for Sunday brunch and for those who didn’t get a chance to join us we look forward to seeing you some Sunday in the future. We have changed the hours of the brunch from 9 til 1 and from 1 until 2 we serve from our lunch menu. So if you aren’t a breakfast person and finish playing your rounds of golf we are here for you.

Have a good week and travel safe. I will see you when I see you.