Good Evening,

We have wrapped up our first annual under the Doyle’s ownership Members/Guests weekend. The weather was great and a lot of old friendships were renewed and new ones were formed. I am the least informed about golf, but it seemed as though everyone had a good time. Let me tell you from the restaurants end…We had our roll out of the banquet room..The room was beautiful, the food was plentiful and the guests were patient. We are kinda of glad that the first function was with friends from the Brick who were our trial run. In two weeks we have our first wedding and a few things we need to fix were discovered. I am eternally grateful for the elevator as the stairs seemed to get taller and taller. The guests ate and ate oh then they played golf we then had a BBQ they ate some more got a good night sleep and then ate breakfast and went out and played another round of golf and then you guessed it they ate again.

I would like to thank our new guests who came to the restaurant only to be told we were closed for the function. We got emails addresses and from this point on you will be notified of the change of schedules. Thank you for your understanding and will be happy to see you when you come join us again.

We are also pleased to say that Scott and his fellow souse chefs (Melissa and Sean)placed 2nd in an entree competition with a seafood risotto and 3rd place with a lava cake for desert in a fundraiser at BCC. They were only a few votes short of winning the guest vote of Best Restaurant but we know we are that.

We will have our regular dinner on Wednesday. Thursday night will be a prep night for our two rehearsal dinners on Friday. Friday we will once again be closed to the public as we have the rehearsal dinners. The following week will be back to normal with dinner on Wednesday and Friday. Thanks for your patience and looking ahead we don’t have too many functions on dinner nights. Of course you can join us for our Sunday Brunch or a lovely lunch on the veranda now that it isn’t as hot.

Have good week and travel safe and I will see you when we see you.