Good Afternoon,

We have wrapped up another brunch and it seems early, everyone must be home in front of the tv for the beginning of football season.

We are anxiously awaiting the initiation of the event room with our member guests weekend. I have lost a considerable amount of sleep making sure we have everything needed. I don’t know why when you are trying to sleep you think of trash cans, ice bins etc. but when you are awake these things don’t pop in your head. First off with the serving of the meal on Friday we will be closed to the public for dining. Make your reservations for Wednesday early rumor has it we are going to be busy. Second to answer the much asked question no I will not assign tables. I believe this is a social function so you all should be sociable and mingle and sit with whomever you want to sit with. Heck you may sit with someone you don’t know and find out you just may like them. We believe everything will go perfectly well but just in case something is not perfect I will apologize now so I don’t have to hear about it later.

This Thursday we are participating in a Chilled and Grilled fundraiser at Brunswick Community College to raise money for scholarships for the students attending the college. Come and spend as many tickets at what we know is the best food in all of Brunswick County The View at Bricklanding. The hours are from 4 until 8 on Thursday Sept 12, 2013. See attachment at end of newsletter.

This past Wednesday we hosted Rivers Edge in an interclub and since we were the host we let them win. They had a pleasant lunch and we sent them on their way.

The sun shone and twilight golf has started. The Nucci’s were the host and hostess and it was a perfect day for golf. Thank You.

That wraps up the week and welcome home to all those who have traveled south to their winter homes. Have a good week travel safely and I will see you when I see you.