Good Afternoon,

The highlight of the week besides being busy everytime we were opened was that the elevator now goes to the top floor. For those of you who were unable to see upstairs because of the stairs we have solved that problem. The elevator door is outside the grill room and eagerly awaiting all the trips up and down for any and all parties using the facility. Don’t be shocked when the lights come on and off as you enter rooms they are all motioned sensored so you won’t hear mom in your subconscious telling you to turn off the lights.

Lunches this past week have been some of the busiest we have had since Scott has been here. Lots if new faces and the weather has co-operated and many took advantage of the veranda. Nights have also had many new people joining us from our neighboring communities with very pleasant comments.

Just a reminder to see if there is anything you can do to help the Hope for Harbor golf tournament besides pray for no rain. We are suppose to have a high chance of rain all week.

Time is flying and it won’t be long until members guest weekend is here. Make sure you have made your reservations with the pro shop because you don’t want to miss the best part of the weekend which is eating at The View. Okay I am a little biased.

The website is in its final days of being reconstructed make sure you go on line and check it out
Have a good week, travel safe and we will see you when we see you.