Good Morning,

Thanks for your patience in getting the tidbits of news from down in the restaurant two days late.

We had a good turnout for twilight hosted by the Bob and Kathy Mularczyk..the weather was good and so was the food.

Then we rolled into our second wedding of the season in the event room and from this point on it will be called upstairs. I can’t keep all the new names to the rooms straight so for these news bits they will be called upstairs and down. The Kuthe’s hosted their daughter Jerilynn and Tom Leavell become Mr. and Mrs. With every new wedding they throw us something new to see if we can handle it. This time it was a 9 piece band.. They took up a good amount of space and tested the acoustics …I bet if you were outside at the time you could probably have heard them also. The dance floor was put to good use and we even had a show by a member of the family who does a pretty good Michael Jackson and his dance moves. They stayed late and came back early for brunch and then they departed.

The interclub was  postponed due to rainy weather which never came. We now know how hard it is for schools when they say it might snow and cancel school and then you wake up scramble to find a sitter and wonder why they called it off. That only happens down here because we all know we went to school every day up north and walked 3 miles each way in a blizzard and never missed a day. What fibs will this generation have to tell their kids. Interclub has been rescheduled for Nov. 13.

We are having a Harvest Moon dinner from Ocean Ridge on Thursday with 170 people. Followed by a wedding that came in at 193 persons in a room that holds challenge push the walls out to accommodate.

Don’t forget to make your reservations for Thanksgiving and yes we have talked about the flotilla which of course we will do again. Don’t know the details but when I have them so will you.

Have a good week and we will see you when we see you.